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About StreetEYE - Frequently Asked Questions

What is StreetEYE?

StreetEYE is a social news aggregator for financial news junkies: writers, readers, investors, sharers and curators.

StreetEYE finds the most shared financial headlines from around the Internet in real-time, and brings them all together on one page.

Where do the headlines come from?

First, StreetEYE searches the Internet and ranks the top Twitter and blog sharers of financial news. Then, in real time, we rank the headlines they share most frequently.

What are the numbers next to each item?

That's the number of people who shared the story on a blog or Twitter, or upvoted the headline by pressing the big blue thumb.

How do you rank the headlines?

We rank headlines, to use a technical term, by "hotness." Hotness takes how many people shared, upvoted, and clicked on it, and discounts it by how old it is. We take the raw popularity, apply some adjustments to enhance relevance (e.g. anti-spam), and decay that number over time as the story ages.

You can also sort by date using the button at right. Once you change the order, it should stay that way until you change it (in modern browsers).

What's the difference between Top, New and All?

The 'All News' tab ranks everything shared by everybody (at least 2 shares). 'Top News' ranks everything that has also received a minimum number of upvotes. New ranks everything that hasn't.

How do you find contributors?

If you are an influential sharer of news, we will find you!

Influential means:

  • You have a lot of followers.
  • You have followers who are influential (that we previously found).
  • You share news links frequently, that are from a variety of sources (not just your own stories or ones from your site).
  • Stories you share often get re-shared and end up on the StreetEYE front page.

Can I be a contributor?

If you think we missed someone, let us know! If they look like a suitable candidate, we'll follow and rank them, and add them if their signal is valuable.

Also, upvote stories you think are important! Upvoting a story makes it rise on the front page, and people who shared it get ranked higher, and we'll try to find more stories and sharers like them. Anyone who votes or clicks on a story is a contributor. That's why StreetEYE is Today's top headlines, as voted by you.

How does StreetEYE rank contributors?

High-ranked contributors

  • Share news frequently.
  • Share links that often make it to the front page, get upvoted, clicked on, and re-shared.
  • Share links early, before everyone else does.
  • Share diverse items, that are not similar to what other contributors share.

To prevent gaming the system, we don't share the formula, and we tweak it frequently as necessary to avoid gaming.

How fast does news show up?

We update "All news" every five minutes or less, depending on server load, Internet gremlins, etc. Anything shared by at least 2 feeds we follow should show up within five minutes. We check most blogs every 15 minutes. After that, items graduate to the front page based on upvotes. (Note that some feeds may be ineligible to share from some sources. For example, reporter or who links a lot of stories of their own news organization will become ineligible to link additional items from that source. There are some ad-hoc exceptions we think enhance the feed, for instance we'll take ECB links from the ECB Twitter feeds.)

If you want great news and opinion fast, we strongly recommend following our contributors on Twitter and on their blogs via a newsreader, Feedly, Flipboard, etc.! Then you'll get everything they post as soon as it's posted.

Can I follow StreetEYE on Twitter and RSS?

You sure can! Follow us at @StreetEYE and our RSS feed in your favorite newsreader.

I have another question!

Please get in touch! Email us at or drop us a line via our contact form.